Welcome travellers. The infinite yet ever decaying loop runs on and I am reminded that, 'I have arrived. Life ends where it begins'. Welcome to LoopForm, the official Domain of Tony Potts. It's a work of the Domestic Empire. What is Domestic Empire? It's everything that isn't something else.

It's also everything else. It's art, it's life, it's living and a living.  'Where's the art?', as Destiny Calling once declaimed, 'It's over  here, it's over there, it's all over the place'. 

It's desire and longing and memory. It's happiness and joy and forgetfulness. It's the triumphal arch and our daily bread.
The little death and the extinction event. It's one moment precipitously balanced on another. It's the end that gives rise to the beginning. It's the object and the representation......


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